Freddie Gibbs – BFK

Download “BFK” New Music by Freddie Gibbs – Mp3 Single.

DJ Drama helped Freddie Gibbs achieve a higher register in 2012.

Freddie Gibbs signal his aims to the business everywhere by depicting a brutal milieu that lay unexposed to the vultures – not since “The Jackson’s” flew the coop. If not for hesitant A&Rs like DJ Drama, rappers like Freddie Gibbs would be compelled to invest less energy sharpening their art, and additional time arranging their market methodology (barf).

Below is Freddie Gibbs – BFK Mp3 Download

Quotable Lyrics:

Industry don’t want him cause the n—-s too gangsta
Probably never heard him on ya radio station
Way too thug for these mothafuckin’ rappers
Rap way better than ya neighborhood trapper
Man came down on the uppity bitch.

– Freddie Gibbs


Freddie Gibbs – BFKDownload Mp3: Here

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