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Following the declaration that the fourth section of his Blue M&M mixtape adventure was scheduled to touch base on August 23rd, PeeWee Longway has prepared the table with another single called “Fiji Water.” Though no outsider to the turn-up, this circumvent discovers Longway exchanging the style up, conveying something more melancholic than fans may anticipate. In any event where the instrumental is concerned; a minor-key piano arpeggio establishes a grave pace, an inquisitive setting for Longway’s portrayals of an explicitly charged relationship. It’s a bizarre juxtaposition certainly, yet a shockingly compelling one.

“We in agreement, we gon’ read the entire book, darling,” he raps, in the tune’s snare. “Going through the blues, I can complete two or three favors/going through the sack got a couple various flavors.” As the refrains advance, Longway kicks up his stream, conjuring an account suggestive of hip-jump’s preferred power-couple, Bonnie and Clyde, just as his very own road insight. Look at this one now, and watch out for PeeWee’ next undertaking dropping soon.

Quotable Lyrics

Gold mouth shawty, yeah I’m still selling dope
I take every shot like Husky, I’m an Amazon endorsement
Know I’m the dough man, I’m the strap man, I’m the pat man
I’m in all black like Batman, I’m robbin’


Peewee Longway – Fiji WaterDownload Mp3: Here

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